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Triple Screen Forex Trading System

Because of the many benefits it can bring to those who trade in the market, you will want to find out as much as possible about the Triple Screen Forex Trading System. It is a great forex system, which can help with identifying certain long term trends that can be of great assistance when trying to increase your earning potential. One of the first things you must do is to find long term weekly trends. After you have done that, the system will begin what is called a trailing buy stop technique. All you have to do to activate this technique is to place an order just one tick above what the high was for the previous day.
When the prices begin to rally, you will automatically stop when it goes above what the high was for the previous day. The buy stop order that you placed will not be changed in any way if the prices drop though. This is one of the better forex systems that you will be able to use for making accurate decisions based on market trends and analysis, which will ultimately help you in becoming much more successful within the market. You will be able to make these decisions because you will have information on the market before it even opens. This gives you a great advantage, which you will be able to use to gain an edge over others who don’t have the same type of system as you.
The trailing sell stop technique that this system uses can also help you in achieving great things within the market. When your long term weekly trend is in a downward spiral, you wait for the medium-term indicator, otherwise known as the “oscillator”, before rallying. At this point, the trailing sell stop technique activates. This happens when you place a buy order to sell a tick one below the low of the latest bar. The moment the market begins to turn down, that is when your short trade is stopped automatically. In the event that the market continues rallying, you will have the option of raising your sell order even more with each passing day. The ultimate goal of this technique is to catch the intraday downside with each daily uptrend.
Although there are many different forex trading systems to choose from, the Triple Screen Trading System is by far one of the best. It provides traders with accurate and useful information, which can be utilized to develop helpful strategies that use certain trends to make more money. Another part of what makes this system work so well is that it is easy to understand for those who are accustomed to working with the foreign exchange market. It has been designed to help with recognizing valuable trends, which can mean everything when dealing with this sort of business on a daily basis. The more information you have because of it the more valuable it becomes. All in all the triple screen trading system is a great investment for all traders.

How to plan a trading

Planning trading  to be a successful trader you must have a plan for each trading session that you do and you should be confident and consistent with the plan you created. Trading Plan consists of: - the position of how you will open the Open Position (OP)-why would you go into the OP Market in - how you can bear the loss if the market suddenly reversed course menetang you - how Target Profit (TP) you need to reach each Open Position. Trend is your friend "follow where the market trend moves when the market trend bullish, buying action (Long) On the contrary,. If the market is bearish, do sell (Short) .. Again! Do not fight the market trend! Against the trend is like people who swim against the current will quickly run out of energy .... In FOREX trading, the energy in question is of course ... the fund or your trading capital.

Forex Trading Secrets And Strategies

Forex Trading Secrets And Strategies

Forex trading has many advantages over other types of financial instrument trading, it means involve some minimal risks and pitfalls. However, knowing some of the best forex trading secrets can give an investor an edge while planning forex investment strategies. It's also being aware of the forex trading pitfalls and the latest technology, one will be having the actual tools required in the market to get most returns for initial investment that too with least risks. The strategy you must know ;
  • The foremost forex trading secret is to know the basics of forex thoroughly, as it will give you a general idea about the trading system.
  • Trade in a system, that has consistently proven to be profitable and has an acceptable drawdown. Such a system would have been backtested and also traded in a period of time to testify that it is profitable. Try getting the details of the float, risk management and examples of exact trades with such results.
  • While learning the system, be very clear about the system rules and in case of doubts or queries, consult the author of the system or refer the support forum. Once you know the rules, first trade on a demo account to check whether you can follow the system well or not.
  • Apply good money management rules to make sure you can survive and thrive well, in case of any drawdowns.
  • Select a system that fits best with your daily routine, for instance some forex trade systems take complete 1 hour daily to trade, like 15 minutes four times a day on average. Hence, also check whether the number of times that system trades, is suitable to you or not.
  • Trade patiently and properly, don't over trade, as at times there are no trades for a day and one has to wait till the next day. Also, avoid revenge trading by trading larger trade sizes, in case you had losses in your previous trades.
  • It's very important to monitor your progress to know how your system is performing over time, both in terms of returns and drawdowns, and errors that you made while trading.
  • If you’re deciding to trade with forex signals, automated forex, or managed forex, do your diligence to ensure that the company is authentic and ethical and can provide you samples of their results, having details of the float, risk management and exact trades which achieved those results. The goal of this website is to help anyone to truly become an expert in online forex trading. By offering necessary information, independent reviews, forex lessons, we sincerely hope that we will reach this goal. If you have any comments, ideas and suggestions, feel free to anytime.

    Let's find and get unlimited finance with forex trading.

marketiva forex

Marketiva is a financial services company specialized in providing the best online trading services to traders and reliable.

Marketiva Excellence
1. Bonus $ 5 cash, after you register! 2. Spread from 2 pips. 3. No trade commission 4. Virtual demo and live trading with 1 account 5. Latest economic news 6. Alerts on market events 7. Trading margins ranging from 1% 8. 24-hour customer support (Indonesian) 9. Deposit and Withdraw are easy and quick 10. Can Chatting fellow member. 11. Charting tools are very easy to use 12. One (1) account for forex, funds, index etc.. 13. Can Trading Through Mobile ... etc. ..

Before you register please send an email to panduanmarketiva@yahoo.com to get the coupon code you should enter on the registration form.
Once you've finished registering, then you are obliged to verify the data yourself!
Soon Sign in Marketiva and get Free $ 5 ....
For guidelines on how to register Marketiva you can see in the How to List Marketiva

If you have any questions please send email to panduanmarketiva@yahoo.com
Personal Data Verification Marketiva
Once you've finished registering in Marketiva, your next step is MANDATORY to verify the data yourself first.

Do not start trading in advance over your data in the form of ID card / driving license yet diverivikasi. Because your account will didissable by Marketiva. Verification of data in advance and wait there marketiva approval email.
Once you register, you need to upload the data yourself to verify. Although registration is free, you are only allowed to open one account. You can not withdraw funds before the identification, and there is a chance your account is suspended (frozen) if you are using a computer with the same IP address with other traders. To avoid this immediately verify identity.

How to verify the data themselves:
1. Scan your ID card front and back with each of a maximum size of 100KB only.
2. Click the following link Marketiva.
3. After you click the link above you will be asked username and password first. Enter your username and password that you created earlier, then click "Login"
4. Enter the ID card scanned the front and back of you in each column they will be to simply click on browse.
5. When finished browsing click upload and wait until the results of your uploaded successfully.
6. After the upload successful then open the program that was installed earlier Streamster and input your username & password.
7. Now you can online forex trading at Marketiva comfortably and safely.


Have you ever been lost in Forex? Some of you might be thinking, how do i get lost in forex?? Let me ask another question. Have you ever open a trade in one direction, after some time open a trade in the opposite direction?

Im sure that happens to all of us, myself included :). That is lost in Forex, where we are unsure of direction of trade. Some people even hedge in the situation.

I have a few tips when you are lost in Forex.

1. If you are lost and dont know which direction to trade, the most important thing is to stop trading and do something else. Go plant a tree or play games. Dont even look at the charts anymore to avoid confusion.

2. Is to take a trading system and put it on multiple time frame. I trade using the same system on 3 timeframe. 15m, 1h, daily. When all three is pointing at the same direction then I trade. If 2 timeframe is pointing at the same direction then i scalp.

3. After sometime, your brain will start to imprint patterns of Forex. Forex has the same pattern over and over again. In our mind, that pattern has been imprinted and it influence our decision making subconsciously. Once you reach that state you will rarely get lost in Forex. You will know the exact time to trade or to get lost (do something else).

I will try to update this blog. Been so long and so busy with new place. As for Forex, USD pairs are going nowhere at the moment with a high probability to go down further. Good luck on your hunt for pips


You can actually tell if someone is new in Forex by the way they count their pips or profit. When people starts forex they count pips. They can have hundreds of pips a day and yet their profit is low. This is due to the low risk reward ratio they have taken.

Once you are older in Forex, you will see the ratio. No point of taking hundreds of pips when the profit is low. So you start to take high risk high return trade. These trades do not give you high pips but the profit margin is high.

That is how money is to be made in Forex. You actually manage your risk and take profit from it. For today as of now, I already taken 3 trades. 2 profit trades and 1 lost trade. My account grows 37%. Not bad for a slow Monday.

For the answer to Forex, once you know it you will feel helpless. No matter how smart or brilliant you are it counts for absolutely nothing here. I have Banking and IT qualification. Did that help me? 2 different qualification did not help me one bit here. Made me want to cry when I found it out.

Hunt pips but count profit. Good Luck


A mechanic has many tools. Each tools with its own usage and purpose. It is only down to intelligence and creativity that separates a good mechanic and a bad one.

Like a mechanic, a trader has many tools as well. Each indicator is a tool for the trader and a combination set of tools with rules is a trading system. A good trader has not 1 but many system. Each system has different purpose. It is down to knowledge and creativity that separates a good trader and a bad one apart from portfolio.

The best time frame to trade is the lower time frame but due to noise and spikes it is difficult to trade usingmost trades lower timeframe. It is the reason why fail in short time frame.

EurUsd has been ranging for the past few days and due to it, has hit my stop loss twice. Being a trend tradercannot trade myself, I just during these ranging period. So I stopped trading and try to make a new trading system using lower time frame to catch these ranging market.

It seems with a new set of tools (not new actually, had not used them for a while), I have manage to create an almost perfect trading system for all time frame but with the target of 15m chart. The only thing that this new system doesnt show is when not to trade which i made up with a new set of rules.

If any of you would like to try the new trading system please leave your email. I will try to get back to you ASAP.

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